It is a tough gangster world where everything revolves around drugs, gambling, sexz, respect, status and business. You live in an uncertain world where finding work is difficult and the society is corrupt. To get some protection in this hard world you want to enter into a secret organization to protect your family and to protect your brothers. "Morte alla Francia Italia anelia!" With my blood. (A knife is used to place a cut on the right index finger or hand) and the blood of all the saints, and the souls of my children. You swear not to divulge this secret and to obey with love and omerta. You enter alive into this organization and leave it only in death."

In the gangster world you will start as an ordinary laborer with a low rank like Informant and you end up in the world of the mafia. You will be asked to do crimes to grow even bigger in this gangster world. With each rank you will get more benefits, you can buy new weapons better crimes and get better functions in your family. Furthermore you get many options to do together with your friends so you can build an unbreakable crew with your family! If you are performing well, you even can become the new Don! So dont wait, play!

In the game there are a number of grades. From low to high they are:

#10 Informant
#9 Hired Hand
#8 Saboteur
#7 Thug
#6 Thief
#5 Extortionist
#4 Hitman
#3 Terrorist
#2 Mastermind
#1 Godfather

And if you like to travel, this are the cities where you can commit your crimes:

#1 New York
#2 Paris
#3 Istanbul
#4 Moscow
#5 Tokyo
#6 London